Outdoor Audio

Outdoor media offers several options to choose from:

Standard System:

You may require nothing more than a few speakers to surround your patio area. If so, we offer quick set up and installation for stereo systems.

Outdoor Theater:

An outdoor theater system includes full, lush speakers that capture the full spectrum of audio. If you are building an outdoor entertainment area choose high-end outdoor theater speakers for the best experience.

Camouflage & Landscaping:

Accent your landscape or garden with music! Camouflage & landscaping speakers that emulate rocks, trees, or greenery are the perfect addition if you want your speakers to be heard but not seen.

A Range of Equipment:

Your sound preferences are unique to you and you deserve a unique experience with speakers that match your taste. New Age Technology offers a range of stereo equipment that covers a wide and full sound.

Weather-Resistant Outdoor Speakers

Outdoor weatherproof speakers are made of rugged material that won’t fade in sunlight due to UV resistant qualities. The casing enhances the natural sounds from the high-quality speakers by suppressing any unnecessary resonance. The speakers produce great sound quality at almost any volume level no matter how cold, icy, wet, hot, dry, or muggy the weather is outside. They also excel outdoors due to their a rust-proof aluminum grille. They can sit outside and stand up to the elements, including the sun, water, and wind. And they sound great, too, with detailed, clean highs and powerful lows.

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