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Hospitality Services We Provide

  • System Design
    • Our technicians collaborate with you to go over the details of your layout, how you want it to look and sound, and the proper placement. We can make suggestions on the right products and equipment for your facility, as well as how to make the best use of your new equipment to optimize your guest’s stay at your hotel.
  • Conference Rooms
    • We can transform any area into a modern, easy-to-use, and powerful collaborative workspace.
  • Security Systems and Surveillance
    • Our security specialists possess the expertise and quality of workmanship to integrate new equipment into the infrastructure. Sensors, cameras, monitors, and other equipment can be included to enhance your system.
  • Automation
    • Automation is an important feature for any business in the hospitality industry. Automated systems that are practical and functional will help define who you are, influence customer actions, and help communicate different products and services you offer while making them readily accessible. We can demonstrate how intelligent, automated systems can make a significant impact on your guests and staff.
  • Audio/Video Upgrades
    • Modernize your media room, multi-room audio system, or your outdoor entertainment equipment. We provide audio and video equipment with high-end sound, dependable connectivity, and aesthetic appeal. We can also help you with your audio and video distribution needs.


Conference Room Services We Provide

  • Audio conferencing
  • Video conferencing
  • Monitors and TVs
  • Sound Systems
  • Lighting Control
  • Consultation & Design

Bars & Restaurants

Services We Provide

  • Design
    • Installing a full-fledged audio and video system in a restaurant or bar doesn’t just happen; it takes careful planning and strategy with a focus on precision. New Age Technology can help you conceptualize your ideas and then create a model that works for your business.
  • Installation
    • We install all types of audio/visual equipment to your exact specifications. We can also integrate the new additions with your current infrastructure. The end result is a streamlined system that you have full access to and control of.
  • Flat-Panel & Projection TVs
    • Your guests can enjoy 4K smart TVs with ultra-HD displays. These flat-panel projection TVs offer cinema-like viewing on a superb panel with an excellent overall sound.
  • Smart Device Configuration
    • Our technicians can help you set up your system to be programmed and operated straight from a smartphone, pad, or even your computer. You’ll have full remote access that allows you to control your multi-video system from anywhere in the room or even from your office.
  • Indoor and Outdoor A/V Installation
    • If your viewing area is located outside, then we can help you create a crystal clear viewing experience regardless of how bright the sun is. We can also create a clear sound utilizing advanced outdoor speakers with a full EQ range.


Services We Provide

  • Full-Scale Audio
    • We can help you develop a full-room sound that creates a meaningful experience throughout the entire worship area. Your leaders can communicate their message without distractions while music engages the audience in powerful and compelling worship moments.
  • Large-Scale Video
    • We develop video networks that to capture HD videos. Through video, you can create a connection with every person in the room, as well as other satellite churches or campus in remote locations.
  • Worship Setting Lighting
    • We analyze different room dimensions to set up a lighting scheme that helps you project the right image no matter where your stage is located. Our designs provide dynamic lighting configurations to capture the most intimate moments while also sparking spirit-filled energy without overkill.
  • Production Design
    • We offer a completely unique concept to your worship center by combining technology with the room design, facilitating a connection with all worshippers with no distractions.
  • Automation
    • Worship experiences often occur spontaneously regardless of how much planning you put into the event. With automation and smart technology, you have full control to make adjustments or decisions on the fly regardless of where you are in the auditorium or worship setting.


Commercial Security Services We Provide

  • Video Surveillance
    • We install cameras for any commercial application. We will help you position your cameras so that you can have the greatest amount of coverage anywhere in your building.
  • Access
    • You can control who has access to your property and on what level. For instance, some people may only be able to access certain rooms, floors, or areas of the building using different codes or keys.
  • Intruder Alarms
    • If anyone tries to get inside your building unauthorized, you will be alerted within seconds so that you can deal with the issue right away. Burglar alarms can have different settings than other types of alarms.
  • Remote Connection
    • Customize a security system package that makes it easy to use and control your system from a remote location. Simply pull out your smart device, open your app, and you have complete control and monitoring capabilities.
  • Fire, Smoke, & Fume Alarms
    • Fire and safety systems can keep everyone and everything safe. With monitoring and alerts, you can be informed 24/7 when fire, smoke, or carbon monoxide has entered your building.
  • Installation and Maintenance
    • Installation and maintenance are performed by New Age Technology technicians trained to service commercial security systems. If you need service, we respond quickly with all the tools and equipment necessary to perform a repair or upgrade on site.


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