HVAC Control

Smart Thermostat

The Nest Pro Thermostat’s adaptive technology makes surprise heating and cooling bills a thing of the past. From the very first time you set it, the Nest Pro begins to learn your temperature preferences, energy consumption, and daily schedule. Through this information, the Nest Thermostat delivers temperature comfort within your home and dramatic savings on your energy bill!
  • Assessment of the installation area
  • Install smart thermostat
  • Connect the device to an existing Wi-Fi network and perform the first-time setup
  • Install and set up mobile app
  • Demonstrate commonly used features

A smart thermostat’s Wi-Fi connection offers many advantages that go beyond standard temperature control units such as:

WI-FI Connectivity:

Control your thermostat from any tablet, computer or smart device. This allows to see into your home from anywhere and manage your heating and cooling system remotely.

Energy Savings:

Smart thermostats such as the Nest Learning Thermostat provide average savings of $130 to $150 annually. Automated thermostats learn your heating and cooling preferences and habits. If you are used to turning your system on and off depending on when you are home, the thermostat will adapt.

Easy Programming:

With smart HVAC controls, your system works with you to create the perfect routine throughout the week, on weekends, or even during calendar events. As you learn the system, you’ll be able to fine-tune your own comfort experience.

Remote Access:

By using a smart thermostat, you have instant access to your system through your smartphone, tablet, or even your computer. If you leave the house to go to work or on vacation and forget to turn your thermostat down or off, you can simply pick up your device and change the settings. You can also give access to other members of your family or guests who are staying at your house.

Additional Features:

Smart thermostats make your life easier and to do the thinking for you. Today’s technology can monitor your HVAC system’s condition to determine if you need to make any maintenance, change a filter, or address a repair right away. You can also view the app to see if your energy use has gone up or down. There are several features you can take advantage of as you utilize the system.

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