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New Age Technology specializes in designing full home theater systems. Your entertainment room will be your favorite spot to enjoy with your family and friends!

Media Rooms


Add extra fun to your home media experiences. A media room includes A/V entertainment spaces as a part of a larger concept such as a family room, guest room, or game room.

Some ideas:

  • Full room speaker placement
  • Video screen size options
  • Smart lighting systems targeted to certain areas
  • Indoor and outdoor applications
  • Remote control or programmable features
  • No need to remodel – just add new equipment into an existing space.

Media Room A/V Intergration

Media rooms are a popular option for homeowners and business owners who want multimedia experiences.

Multimedia rooms bring out the aesthetics in both sight and sound, utilizing all components of the room or decor. Create a room that includes surround-sound speakers on all walls, video screens of any size or dimension, and strategic placement of all elements to provide maximum entertainment value on all levels.
In our initial meeting we cover the entire installation process from design to project completion. Our process may include the following:


Audio design

Determine the type of speakers, amplifiers, and subwoofers that should be used to enable the theater to perform at cinema sound in your particular environment.

Video design.

Select the projector and screen that will provide appropriate image brightness and contrast for varying theater usages.

Acoustic design.

Specify the number, type, and location of acoustic treatments to meet targets for sound decay and frequency response.

Video calibration.

Adjust the video system to meet industry standards for picture quality, grayscale, and color.

Home theater layout.

Place audio and video components within the room and help determine seating placement.


Provide and install audio/video equipment and acoustic treatment, perform construction such as baffle walls, and program control systems.

Audio calibration.

Fine-tune the audio system to meet industry standards for sound quality, sound decay, and frequency response.

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