Security Systems

Security Solutions for your Home

Services we provide:

  • System design and mapping for optimal use
  • Threat and vulnerability assessment
  • Strategic light, sensor, and camera positioning
  • Best utilization of system automation
  • Choosing the right products that work best in your home environment

New Age Technology offers customized security options to meet your needs.

  • Wireless remotes that give you instant access
  • Wireless sensors that you can place in windows and entryways
  • Motion detection sensors for hallways, rooms, and offices
  • Alerts on your remote devices when security breaches occur
  • Customizable settings that you can program according to your lifestyle and schedule
  • Scalable and flexible systems that you can adjust as you go
  • Automation to integrate your security equipment with other systems

Home Security

Video Surveillance Systems

Protect you and your family by installing an automated system with the following features:

  • Remote control from your phone
  • Re-time video so that you can view the activity in or around your home
  • Instant voice communication with visitors so that you always know who is at the door
  • Fire and carbon monoxide detectors
  • Automated lighting and thermostat settings

Video Surveillance

Video surveillance allows you to:

  • Monitor who is at your door or on your property
  • Talk directly to visitors, the mailman or anyone else who is close to your audio system
  • View activity in your home
  • View activity from multiple angles to get a clearer picture
  • Contact the police or your security monitoring company and inform them of what is going on in your home
  • Check in on your pets

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